5 Thoughts You Have While Packing for Youth Camp

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First, this post is sponsored by the cutest pineapple emoji pin I’ve ever seen! It’s going on my camp lanyard, and then will probably find a permanent home on one of my hats or backpack.

My week at youth camp starts on Saturday. This is my 9th year going camp, but my first year that I won’t be a camper! I’ve been helping with kid’s camp for the last 7 years, but now I’m working teen camp as well. However, whether you’re a camper or a worker, you probably have similar thoughts while packing.

1. Is this enough clothes?

Camp packing is different from any other packing, as there are so many things to dress for. Rain days, the hottest of days, water sports day, chapel services. All of these things can mean multiple outfits per day, especially when you factor in all the running around and sweating.

2. Is this too many clothes?

While it’s important to have enough clothes, no one wants to carry a heavy duffel bag to their cabin or try to squeeze everything back in at the end of camp. Balance is crucial.

3. Makeup? hahahaha never mind.

Some people manage to wear makeup at camp, but I’ve yet to understand how. Every year I try to pack most of my regular makeup routine, then realize it takes up too much space, then reduce to mascara, maybe eyeliner, and chapstick. All of which I’ll forget to wear until maybe the last chapel service.

4. Why won’t this bag close? That’s not nearly all my stuff!

Unpack, refold, pack, try again.

5. Is it time for camp yet??

If you’re like me, you pack a few days before camp starts. This means you go through all of these steps while you’re still counting down. This will mix these steps between days, Netflix, and procrastinating by writing, or reading, a blog post. (@ myself)

Good luck packing, and prepare for a great week of camp!

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