College Decorating on a College Budget

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Before we get started, I want to thank Fairyshop24 for the tapestry mentioned in this list. (I sponsor them and ADORE this tapestry)

This is different from my normal type of post, but honestly dorm shopping was a really stressful thing for me, so I guess it still fits. I searched all over for the cutest decor and DIYs that fit my budget, so here we go!

1. Washi Tape

Honestly this is probably the cheapest DIY you can get. My roommate and I decorated our door practically every month, and Target almost always had wash tape and other decorations in the dollar section.

2. Amazon

Amazon is an incredible thing. As soon as you get your college email, you can sign up for Amazon Prime. This means free two day shipping for six months.

4. Multi-Use Items

The tapestry mentioned at the beginning is one of my favorite dorm items, as I can use it as a wall decoration, take it to the beach or the park, or use it as a light blanket. I also got stackable storage drawers that doubled as a bedside table, and then took many items that I already had at home. This reduced having to buy more, and also saved space.

5. Lights. Lights. Lights.

My roommate and I both dreaded the bright dorm lights. Our solution was to almost always leave them off, replacing them with twinkle lights, Christmas lights, and a few carefully placed lamps. Twinkle lights can be purchased for five dollars in the Target dollar section, and Christmas lights come at a pretty good deal in the summer. (Or just try to snag some from your parents. We had like five rolls.)

6. Canvases

Etsy. Walmart. Target. Thrift Stores. Your artsy friend. Yourself. These can add the real personality to the room. I made a few myself, but also found good ones at various stores. Try basic color matching if you’re going for a theme, but no matter what, find things that will make your room feel more “you”.

And there we go. My best tips for decorating your dorm, without blowing the money that could be spent on midnight pizza and fro-yo runs with your new friends. Comment your favorite dorm purchase or DIY so far!

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