When the Mountains Aren’t Moving

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Almost a year ago, I wrote my graduation speech. For those that don’t know, I transferred to a small Christian school for my senior year, and was one of the three person graduating class. Despite how small my school and my graduation was, this was still the biggest crowd I had ever spoken in front of. I would consider that speech to be a pivotal moment in my life. I chose to speak on faith, and moving mountains. I knew it was important, but I didn’t realize all that it signified.

I had grown up small, shy, and terrified of public speaking. I saw this as a mountain that stood in the way of my call to ministry. As I spoke of different mountains that had been moved in my life, I didn’t realize that one was being moved with every word I said.

As I had moved through high school and my senior year, God had been working on me. He put people and situations in my life that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Piece by piece, He built up my confidence and ability to speak. Piece by piece, He moved my mountain.

I think, all too often, we expect mountains to be moved immediately. We expect tower of Jericho crumbling, Goliath falling, mountains moving. It’s such a good thing that God isn’t limited to ways that we want Him to be. While He can move in grand ways, there’s something beautiful, gentle, and almost fatherly about Him patiently working with us. I think of watching a child learn to walk, the mother holding their hands as they find their balance, the father gently encouraging and guiding them into his arms as the baby works at their own pace to move.

Recently I’ve fallen into the trap of overthinking. I look at a problem and try to piece together how I can fix it, or exactly what I need to ask God to do. I’ve come to realize that He has the plan, not me. God will divulge His plan to me in His timing; my job is to rely on that. The song Do It Again by Elevation Worship has become my prayer.

Walking around these walls, I thought by now they’d fall. But you have never failed me yet.”

I thought it would happen by now, but who am I to rush God?

I’ve seen you move, you move the mountains. And I believe, I’ll see you do it again. You made a way when was no way. And I believe, I’ll see you do it again.”

            This isn’t the first time He’s moved a mountain, and it won’t be the last. There will be times when we don’t feel God moving, but we have to hold tight to what we’ve seen Him do. We have to look for Him in the little things, and then we’ll see how He’s been moving in the bigger picture.


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