So, Life Hasn’t Begun to Screw Me Up Yet?

Those of you who are Facebook friends, or follow me on Twitter have already seen this post and my rant following it. This all took place last night, a night following weeks of me doubting my calling, struggling with hopelessness alongside my generation, and hearing of peers back home dying from suicide as well as other causes. Seeing this post being shared by an unnamed individual that I met through a church setting was basically my tipping point. I decided that I was done with allowing people to speak death and negativity over my generation. I’m tired of seeing teenagers struggling with mental health being told by miserable adults that it only get worse. It doesn’t have to. I’m tired of seeing boys struggle with porn and be told that 1. It’s normal and okay, or 2. It’s not okay, but fix yourself and don’t talk about it. Honestly, I believe that these aren’t new issues, that every generation before us has been put into this cycle too. Perhaps that’s become part of the transitioning to adulthood; accepting that it only gets worse. Maybe that’s why we’re on a societal decline.

Millennials are given such a bad reputation. Many headlines would tell you that we’re the technology obsessed, spoiled, politically correct, economy/government/society wrecking result of too many participation awards hiding in our “safe spaces”. Maybe that’s true to an extent. I don’t believe that any generation is perfect or horrible. We’re all just in different stages of life and we’ve all grown up in different worlds. I’m not growing up in the same world my grandparents did, and that’s okay.

To the Greatest Generation, the Baby Boomers, and the Generation Xs, we are your successors. ( Whether you love us, or hate us, we will still exist. As you age we will become your presidents, your military, your pastors, and your doctors. All I ask is that you stand beside us. No, we don’t all listen or treat you with respect, and for that I am sorry. However, please help us learn from your generations mistakes. Let your legacy be that you continued to pour into the next generation.

When I wrote my original post, I was so angry, hurt, and bitter. Today, I was reminded that there are still adults that believe in Millennials, and for that I am grateful. I am grateful that I go to a school that believes in pouring into my generation. To all my readers, no matter your generation, in the words of One Republic, “You are the future, and the future looks good.”



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